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Performing Arts
Crocker Park, 11 Front Street
Performing Arts at Crocker Park.
Photo by Charlie Lipson
Founded in 1962, the Marblehead Festival of Arts held its first Arts Festival in July, 1963. Performing Arts was an integral part of that first Festival and has continued to play an important role through the present day.
During each Festival, Performing Arts Program features acts over several days and nights. As always, we thank the Town of Marblehead for the opportunity to present our program in the beautiful natural concert venue that is Crocker Park, and you for your generous support of the Festival all these years!
Local Artists Showcase
On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday afternoons, beginning at noon, the Performing Arts Committee features local artists on the big stage at Crocker Park. We encourage you to stop by and support these artists.
Brian Wheeler.
Performing Arts Chairman Brian Wheeler
Chairperson: Brian Wheeler
Committee: Angela Masciale, Gale Argentine, Abby & Jamie Wheeler, Rick Burke, Renee Goodreau
Crocker Park during Performing Arts.
Photo by Herb Goldberg
Audience at Performing Arts.
Photo by Charlie Lipson
2014 Performing Arts Program
To view the 2014 Performing Arts lineup,
Sound & Lights
The Sound & Lights Committee manages the Crocker Park stage, the sound, and the lights during Performing Arts.
Concert@Crocker Park Production Staff.
Concerts @ Crocker Park Production Staff
Photo by Herb Goldberg
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